miercuri, 16 septembrie 2009


You are my biscuit
My pretty little biscuit..
Made out of feelings and glitter
And you are my biscuit
Made of rain , made of gold..

Chorus:Oh but we can not be
Because I am a muffin
And I can not love you
Because it's against muffin
rule number two...

Tupp Tupp Tuppy Dup

I still want you to be my biscuit
I want to hug you on the rainbow avenue
I want to the hold you for a day or two
If only I could rent you...

But you will not want me ...
a muffin and a biscuit have in common only this
baking powder,
but you're my 5 star biscuit,
made out of a star's syrup..
and baked by the sun..

You're my biscuit , you're my biscuit...
You're my biscuit ,my pretty little biscuit
And I need you..

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