luni, 13 iulie 2015

Transitory Hope/ Stardust

There is more to me
There was more to us
We are in a dream
Of rubble and of fuss
Always transitory
Like any earthly joy
You are my highway
And I am your
Emotional territory
And your river
Don't float too far my love
It's way too dark
There's too much smoke
And not a spark
Don't melt in my arms
As I can not clean
My sympathetic smile
And this ethereal dream.
I have no trust
I have no other
You are me
I am your double.

Every dream I have had lately presents me with unexplored territories of your imagination. Where your dream ends mine begins very abrupt like a water that is out of control. I dismantle images with every change and create musical notes from them. I recreate joy and passion and simply swim through it so at the end of all this troublesome dream I wake up lonelier than at first. I wake up with symptoms of Amy, Charles, Edwards, Catherine and all of these people I never meet. One day I woke up with a key that opened up paths to the gateway of cloud zebra. Nobody to be found there. Just dyonisiac music and people with a lot of imagination, which for most people is nothing.

But here there are people like you and me. They breathe through music and dissolve through every single note into something more magical which is truly ineffable. There only wish is just like our own. To change the world. Paint it into something different through sound and images that only the most vivid imagination can create. It seems centuries away but in this dream, in this book, it's possible. It's alive and it has a heart. I water it using only stardust and hope for it to shine one day.

Until then goodbye my dreamers.

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