marți, 3 noiembrie 2015

To care is to endure

While everybody is busy on focusing on their own things I am busy on knitting hope strings.
Getting attached and then cutting lose and letting go.

Standing alone on this side lone, traveling to nowhere, to where your hands are warm and your heart is hot but black like burning coal.
There's no station when you become a train, racing through the life of others and your own.

Abandon yourself to me, abandon grace and loneliness and hold me once and for all.
I have died in your arms many times, I have lived in your memory for decades but now I dissolve myself not into the past but into the future.

Farewell my lover, farewell ruler of the lights
This time our songs end
No rewind, no pause, no breaks
Just present tense
A lullaby as warm as a mother's embrace
Remember me
Because now my love will have no face
Whatever is left of a heart as genuine as the sky
Farewell my love
This is an ode to goodbye
This night I saw a shadow
He whispered as I left
What can not be cured
By your eyes
It shall be endured.