miercuri, 23 martie 2016


Nobody knows the last time that we meet each other. We love the darkness because we are both made from it. Hands of shadows, dusty feet, teeth of echoes, smiles of whispers and eyes of menace.

Trust me, but I can't trust you know
Release me, oh my but I love getting caught
In your shapeless laughter
In your hourglass of my naive happy never after.

Reach for me,
I will bleed for you in angel colours
Trap me,
Try to conceal me like a dove's last flight
Discover me,
Like I am a ruin of what you loved the most.

Let's last,
Let's dive into a poem that we will never write
Fight battles,
As we will always seek the light,
Bleed like me,
As you could never love
A darkness like yours,
My all, my nevermore.

It is a tragedy,
For us to belong, as belonging becomes together
Let's separate,
Bitterless lust, abyssal forever

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