marți, 22 martie 2016

Of sins, love and charm

If you could see what I have seen you wouldn't dare to look at me the way you look now. I've been through all of the bleak corners of your mind and discovered myself amongst your thousand other women. Other faces in familiar places that you try to destroy with a bohemian smile.

My feet are bruised from running through your narrow streets. Test after test, blink after blink you treat me like a drop in the ocean. I run through your hands like grains of sand that look to return to the desert. But for me you, you are like water. 

All of the men I've come across have been like water. Passing through my hands, ephemeral, cold yet in need to consume it and you desire it not out of lust but out of need. Water gave me the opportunity to cover temporarily, ecstasy and bliss, escaping and dominating. What do you do? Where do you go when his frail mind becomes the sea? Oh my dear water why did you say: I’ve always been one to feel contrite Is it too late now to make things right?

Who are you I ask? Each and every single time. The answer never comes and I am always confronted with the echo of my own voice. Where's your echo? Where's your shadow? I am still waiting for the backdrop. No, no, it's completely wrong. This parade that you put for all of the fools would work sometimes for those that believed in a love that is complete and mysterious and dissolves onto a cascade of miracles. 

I need shadows, echoes, shame, darkness and an incomplete dandy. Put it all together and I shall bring you boxes with paint, drama and maybe a bit of fear. 

Darling, no map can direct how to ever make it home. Therefore let's escape today. To your favourite nowhere, just climb onto my ghostly staircase and let's balance on these pieces of wood like they're wonders.

About falling:

Darling do you like falling?
I've bruised my name on the edge of your palms
You said you would do no harm

My love do you like running?
It is the chase I have longed for
But then you run from all the letters
When I say
Do not leave, love me a little less
Dream of me a little more.

Sleep well my number three disaster
Straight into the black hole
That our minds 
Paint me a canvas 
Shaped like a  polka dot laughter.

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