duminică, 18 decembrie 2016

Coffee and cherry blossom

Morning has come and I have to go.

As I am sipping on the last drops of gin, your words come out like rust and gold filling me up with hope.

Can you not leave a little bit later?

I'm afraid not.

I've seen more goodbyes then hello but all of these have been more reasons to live for, more reason to see life beyond...beyond this musical abyss there are still so many undulating lights calling our name.

I've been threading never ending stories and I attached a couple of joyful tears onto your hug.

The way people look like when they say goodbye is the same as the look of the sailor knowing his ship will sink yet he stays there singing his last ode.

And now, can you tell me where do the lonely songs go? Onto the Island? But we are all islands, waiting to get discovered, waiting to find another reason to bloom, waiting for someone to transform us into a never ending blossoming spring.

It's not him
I am my only limit
Where I end
Is where I begin
I am limitless
Yet I limit myself
Like a white coffee
I want to live in the limit of your skin
I close my eyes
And hide between our dream
For a moment I am there
Mesmerised by your beam.

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