duminică, 11 decembrie 2016

Places/ Lions

There are lions under your skin
Like envelopes sent to rooftops
Without an address
I melt with you
I am a wanderer
Towards nowhere

We met
Two strangers in the darkness
Closing my eyes
Under the eclipse of madness
Like sirens calling sailors
And bringing them to perish
You brought me back to myself

I won't explain to you
I won't even try to find you
For those that love in the darkness
In the light they only find solitude.

Until we met again
I'll sing of all of the places
Where we will go
I'll sing of our skies
And the ones that we will know.

Farewell for now
As I am dancing on your train
Waiting carefully
On the left side of your life
You'll find on the seat 3B
Between an A minor
And a B sharp
Mirroring the melodious and the dark.

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